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Company Onboarding – FAQs

How do I re-send the email link to the candidate?

If the candidate has not accessed the system there is a ‘resend’ option that you are able to select on the right-hand side on the onboarding view, this will resend the original welcoming onboarding email to the candidate.

What do the notifications mean at the top right of the page?

The notifications at the top right hand of the dashboard relate to current activity that needs completion. Notification of the onboardings that are currently pending signage will be shown here. If a candidate has a query around the contract or onboarding, there is a live chat option the sits at the bottom right of the screen where you can ask questions – this will be pushed through as a chat notification.

How do I cancel an onboarding package?

To cancel the onboarding, you must edit the package that has been sent. This is in the onboarding view also on the right-hand side, once you edit the package it will take you back into the breakdown of what you would like included. On the bottom left-hand side, there is a ‘cancel onboarding’ when selected the candidate will no longer be able to view the onboarding. Please note you are not able to re-activate this or re-send this.

Is there a log I can view so I know when the candidate has received the onboarding link?

In the same area that you are able to re-send the onboarding link to the candidate, there is also a ‘log’ tab where there are two sections, one to show the time that the candidate has completed their details and the second tab shows the date and time that the link was received by the candidate. This is captured by our technology and stamped by sendgrid. Within this, you are also able to preview the email that went out to the candidate.

How do I change the approving manager if I have already sent the onboarding package?

To change the approving manager of the onboarding package you must edit the package again within the onboarding view and go through the steps until you reach the manager, here you must update to the correct manager and then re-send the package.