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How do I select the specific onboarding package for candidates?

Now you have the worker set up in the system and you would like to proceed with the onboarding you can again use the left-hand side tabs and go to ‘Onboarding’. This shows the listing of all the current onboard in progress and their status. Select ‘New’.

1. Your screen will then appear as below, select the worker you are looking to onboard by using the drop-down on the left-hand side, begin to type their name if you have a large list and they will appear.

2. Once the candidate has been selected you will now want to select the correct document package relating to that candidate, again select from the drop down and choose the correct onboarding package.

3. Depending upon the back end set up of the onboarding package you can have various questions relating to the specific contract selected or you could potentially have more minimal questions.

Refer to the below screen which show two opposite types of onboarding packages. Continue through the questions until you reach the end and save.