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How do I submit my time sheets and follow the status updates?

1. You have now completed your onboarding and you are able to log back into Expedo using the email and password you have previously created.

2. Once logged in to the system you will view your employee dashboard.

3. From the dashboard, you can select the specific timesheet with the correct period end date that you wish to complete, or you are able to click the timesheet tab on the bottom of the left-hand column with the heading ‘Timesheet’.

4. As stated above ensure that you are selecting the correct dates around the work you have completed that you wish to complete a timesheet for.

5. Once you have entered the timesheet you are then able to input the hours worked. For the days necessary you must use the far-left column to outline ‘I worked’ you must then move from left to right and select the relating hours, ensuring to include breaks when necessary.

If you are to input hours that are not possible to be worked/do not make sense the timesheet will remain outlined in red and state invalid at the total times section on the far right.

6. You are able to keep track of your total hours in the top right corner as you go, you are also able to ‘clear’ the lines if you have selected the wrong day. If you wish you are also able to outline the days that you did not work, however, if you leave this blank there will be no issues when it comes to submitting.

Prior to submitting the timesheet, you must ensure the box is ticked at the bottom of the page that states ‘In completing this timesheet, I have read and agreed to Term and Conditions, and the payment agreement terms.’ This is automatically defaulted to be ticked.

7. You now have the option to save the timesheet and amend it at a later date, submit the timesheet which will send straight through to your approver, submit and select reoccurring this means that the next weeks timesheet will outline the same times which you can then amend or back which will take you out of the timesheet and not save what you have done.

Once submitted your timesheet status will change to submit and the lines will grey out as you are not able to make any amendments.

Your timesheets will update with the below status’ depending upon where it is currently placed.