How HCM technology
is redesigning the world of HR

Today’s jobs are changing and the future of HR sees workplaces introducing new cloud-based platforms to make their systems more engaging and data-driven.

Deloitte’s 2019 Global Human Capital Trends report says HR leaders need to rethink their technology strategy to incorporate new platforms that will complement and integrate with their existing systems. This is where human capital management (HCM) technology enters the scene, encouraging innovative new ways of working, raising employee productivity and even lowering operational costs.

An opportunity to focus on strategy

With HR traditionally the gatekeeper of talent acquisition, employee information, compliance paperwork and workforce management, incorporating HCM technology to simplify associated responsibilities can significantly improve efficiencies.

For a small team wearing multiple hats or without specialised experience in the HR space, HCM technology becomes your voice of authority, with tools and workflows powered by automation helping you easily navigate everyday processes. Even for larger enterprises with established HR resources, HCM technology frees up staff to move away from admin and stay focused on making a more strategic impact on the organisation and its people.

But, rather than acting as a replacement for people – the obvious fear when talking about automation, technology should enhance an organisation’s relationship with its staff and enable them to be more productive.

Will International’s Managing Director of Strategic Growth, Technology and Talent Solutions Caleb Baker highlights it’s about putting people first when talk turns to redesigning the future of work, with technology being the enabler: “Digital transformation is about people with the right mindset for change and progress to magnify technology’s efficiency and reliability.”

Smarter onboarding

What was once a tick on a HR checklist now shows a direct impact on an organisation’s employee retention rates and subsequent costings around rehiring and retraining (according to Berstein by Deloitte, the average cost in the U.S. to fill an open position is almost $4000!) 

Following an in-house recruitment drive with Expedo Hire (or using Expedo’s seamless integration with your applicant tracking software), you can allow your new hire to complete their paperless onboarding as a next step from the same HCM platform, including any required induction courses, without the need for disjointed systems and all before their first day on the job.

Expedo Onboarding goes that step further and helps you determine which engagement type is most suitable for your new worker with built-in legal advisory guiding you throughout the creation of their position and contract.

Workers can also undergo a background and right to work check, submit required licences, sign their letter of engagement, acknowledge workplace policies and pass on all personal details directly online, meaning employee data won’t need to be manually entered by payroll and HR teams with risk of errors.

Advanced HCM platforms like Expedo will also be more adaptable to in-country nuances, such as allowing online collection of tax and mandatory employer contribution details, which isn’t possible with all technologies.

Compliance is key

Keeping up to date with ever-changing employment laws, rules and regulations in all the jurisdictions you operate in is difficult. So it’s no surprise smart decisionmakers are turning to cloud-based solutions to navigate these complex compliance red flags.

Good HCM technology should at the very least have a library of up-to-date contracts, policies and HR documents to ensure you stay compliant. Great HCM technology like Expedo will additionally send you alerts whenever there’s a legislation change or when an employee’s work rights or licences are due to expire.

Automated HR workflows can also guide organisations in carrying out processes like performance management cases (and in the worst-case scenario, terminations) correctly, mitigating any risk of unfair dismissal claims.

Serve yourself

A major selling point for the adoption of a HCM solution today is the employee and manager self-service functionality it brings. It transforms the employee experience and gives them control over their personal data. They can update their details, access payslips, submit leave and expenses, while managers can more easily approve these requests.

Employees can complete eLearning courses and manage their work rights and licences without bothering HR or payroll teams, while more modern HCM technologies may include a mobile app that allows employees to access whatever they need on the go, from anywhere.

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Make managing your people easy

HR plays a pivotal role in keeping employees engaged and motivated and it’s constantly needing to adapt. Expedo’s scalable solutions bring a whole new level of efficiency and intelligence to the world of HR, right across the employee lifecycle. Book a demo today and discover how HCM technology can transform the way you work.


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