Stop guessing. Start seeing.

The ability to see across the board is essential to making strategic business moves. You don’t want your vision obscured by lack of transparency and consistency in your data.

Expedo takes the guesswork out of your decision-making by bringing your HR and payroll data onto one platform. You can see all your information presented in dashboards and easy-to-action reports. You can make informed decisions with visibility into every aspect of your workforce, from tax structures through to employee turnover rates.

Visibility across your business

  • Work smarter

    Expedo’s analytical tools make it easy to measure, track and analyse data across departments, all in a single ecosystem. How long is your employees’ average length of service? How much training and development have your people completed? Spot fluctuations, worrying patterns and opportunities in your organisation.

Expedo Enterprise – Intelligence

Dashboards that bring data to life

Expedo Enterprise – Intelligence
  • Real-time data storytelling

    Expedo’s dashboard offers an at-a-glance view into your organisation, complete with visuals that illustrate real-time data. No spreadsheets or handouts necessary.

  • The right data for the right people at the right time

    With Expedo, everyone can create the reports they need — while role-based access protects confidential information. It’s a matter of clicks to pull out the data you need to make the decisions that matter.

Expedo Hire

Extract meaningful insights

Expedo Hire
  • Uncover what your data is telling you

    Expedo’s ability to deliver meaningful insights will turn data into signals so you can see how you’re tracking against your goals and where the opportunities lie. Instead of drowning in data, you’ll receive actionable insights that empower you to stop reacting and start responding.

Innovation Lab

If your business is to scale across borders, you need a flexible HR and payroll solution that maintains all its features while staying compliant with the rules wherever you operate. Expedo partners with experts on the ground. Their always-current knowledge of local employment law, payroll requirements and accounting rules keeps you compliant in every region where Expedo operates, a list that is growing all the time.

Expedo partners with experts on the ground. Their always-current knowledge of local employment law, payroll requirements and accounting rules keeps you compliant in every region where Expedo operates, a list that is growing all the time.

The Expedo difference


Infrastructure designed and built with security and privacy at its core


Purpose-built to ensure compliant employment and payroll

Support and Training

In-country teams to ensure Expedo is working at its best for your business

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In our clients’ words

Customer Story
A Whole New Level Of Transparency And Efficiency

Atom Resources were juggling multiple disjointed systems, and one of the most challenging pay regimes – Expedo resolved this.

Customer Story
How JGA Recruitment Transformed Their Middle Office Management

In order to grow their business, JGA needed to improve their middle office functionality.

Your Trades Success Story Expedo
Customer Story
How Your Trades Overhauled Their Labour Hire Operations With Expedo

Expedo enabled Your Trades to move at the speed required for the contingent worker industry.

Power up with integrations

Power up with extra Expedo features



Our applicant tracking software makes it easy to find, screen and filter candidates

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Streamline and optimise your most common HR workflows compliantly

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Ensure full compliance from your employees’ first day all the way through to retirement

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Expedo’s AI-driven dashboard captures live analytics across your workforce, including retention rates and labour costs, to drive more strategic and long-term decision-making.

Workforce analytics provide businesses with data-driven insights that inform your workforce management processes, along with the end-to-end employee journey. From collated data, management can pinpoint areas of concern or promise and understand trends that might impact future staffing opportunities, staff retention, business growth and employee productivity.

Data today can no longer remain siloed. Expedo brings all aspects of workforce management together into one cloud-based platform that visualises workforce costs, trends and operations beautifully, in real-time.


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