Compliant onboarding for beginners


Compliant onboarding for beginners

What you need to know

Onboarding is key to your new starter building a sense of connection with your organisation and co-workers. Fact. It’s been shown to positively impact employee engagement, retention and productivity – even influence perception of your brand. And that’s not including the reputational damage and hefty financial penalties when big brands are caught out accidently underpaying staff.

But how much respect are you giving to the compliance side of things? Understanding your legal requirements when onboarding new talent can be tricky, especially in today’s complex employment landscape.

To implement an effective onboarding program for your organisation, it’s essential that your processes not only meet but give visibility to your compliance.

What is HR compliance?

HR compliance is the implementation of workplace policies and procedures that ensure employment laws, rules and regulations are answered for. Sure, sounds kind of boring but essential as these protect you legally as the employer, as well as your employee’s best interests.

HR compliance varies depending on an employee’s working location and occupation, so your onboarding needs to be tailored to meet relevant compliance and role requirements.

What is onboarding?

Onboarding is the process of introducing new talent into your organisation and includes background checks, delivering a contract and workplace training. While it’s often implemented by HR personnel using paper forms, software like Expedo can automate the whole journey and update your payroll system instantly with your new starter’s details.

Onboarding compliance – are you on board?

Reduced employer risk

Ensuring your onboarding program meets compliance can reduce employer and management risk considerably. It’s the time to communicate company protocols, verify working rights and initiate safety inductions and training to meet WH&S obligations.

But keeping HR compliant comes with its challenges. For example, your employer responsibilities around hiring an independent contractor differ greatly to those for a full-time employee.

Great technology can be your voice of authority. Expedo steps you through defining your new employee correctly and dynamically creates a tailored contract. Policy documents and contract templates are also maintained regularly by our own employment experts in-country, keeping you compliant following legislation changes.

Increased productivity

Studies show that a well-planned onboarding program can increase productivity by more than 50%. Entering a new workplace not knowing what to do or who to communicate with can present unnecessary obstacles, limiting progress and productivity for new hires. So the more information you communicate during an employee’s initial onboarding, the more comfortable and prepared they’ll be.

Improved staff retention

Unhappy employees are unlikely to stay with an organisation for long. A well-considered onboarding program can improve engagement, immersing employees into your company culture and familiarising them with essential business protocols and procedures.

Setting a positive expectation before day one also heightens employee morale by increasing their role and responsibility awareness. Use it to communicate opportunities for growth and development within your organisation.

How to ensure compliance

Your organisation is required to comply with the laws, rules and regulations set within your employees’ location of operation. While legislation may vary depending on factors such as jurisdiction, occupation and organisation size, relevant laws around topics such as sick leave, bullying and discrimination need to be effectively implemented and communicated.

Onboarding program audits can help ensure your organisation continues to meet its obligations while simultaneously improving the experience for new hires.

By adopting great technology, you can automate and deliver a compliant onboarding program. Expedo’s own advanced onboarding can assess and determine the appropriate engagement type required for your new starter and reviews legislation relevant to your business’s location of operation. It also includes WH&S inductions and employee background checks integrated in the one journey.

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