What’s an applicant tracking system and why do you need one?


What’s an applicant tracking system and why do you need one?

Applicant tracking systems, or an ATS, have never been so needed to streamline recruitment in today’s talent-driven and remote working landscape. But what exactly does an applicant tracking system do and what are the benefits?

What’s an applicant tracking system?

An applicant tracking system, or ATS, is just a fancier name for hiring technology. It allows you to connect to multiple job boards and increases your chances of finding the best skilled talent by utilising keywords to filter job applications based on your job posting requirements. It also provides a centralised place to track and communicate with candidates as they progress through the recruitment pipeline.

Do I need an ATS if I’m not a recruiter?

Applicant tracking systems aren’t just for recruiters. An ATS can transform your in-house hiring processes by making them a whole lot more efficient. They can filter through hundreds of applicants, ranking candidates on how suitable they are for the role. Think of the time that can save!

Let’s break down what exactly a good ATS (like Expedo Hire) can do for you.

Create job ads that sing

Expedo can pull existing position descriptions and responsibilities directly from your HR database, providing the perfect base to creating job advertisements that attract star talent.

Post to job boards

You want to make you’ve cast the net wide to reach the right prospects. Using one single interface and with one click, you can send a job posting live across multiple job boards such as SEEK, Indeed and LinkedIn.

Create talent pools

Resume parsing extracts key information and selection criteria from applications as they come in, filtering and grouping candidates into talent pools for your fast review and creating instant profiles with all their information attached.

Manage candidates

An ATS helps you track candidates as they progress through shortlisting, interview rounds, final selections and reference checks. You can set up automated communication workflows to keep candidates informed as they move through each stage, notifying unsuccessful candidates, scheduling interviews with front runners and extending an offer to the successful talent.

Remember, the employee experience starts in the hiring process. If you can deliver an informed candidate experience with clear communication at each step, you’ve already started establishing yourself as a reputable employer.

Manage hiring teams

A good ATS should have the ability to also keep your own people informed. Status alerts and candidate data can be pushed to hiring teams with customised permissions, defining tasks or actions they need to complete and inviting interview feedback on candidates in-app instantly.

Efficient onboarding

Expedo Hire is an integrated part of a wider HCM platform that includes HR and onboarding. This means you can introduce further efficiencies by automatically feeding your new starter’s information into a contract and initiate onboarding, all in the same platform.

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Still unsure as to whether an applicant tracking system is for you?

Here are just a few more benefits and considerations…

Unplaced skilled talent doesn’t need to go to waste

Once a recruitment drive ends, leading applicants are typically pushed to the side and forgotten. But these stars should be kept on file in the event your first-choice applicant doesn’t turn out as expected

Expedo Hire lets you keep great candidate applications saved in talent pools for future opportunities, saving you time later and minimising your overall hiring costs from re-posting an ad.


The average cost per hire sits at just over $4000 while the average time to fill a vacant position is 42 days, depending obviously on the type of role.

Bringing an ATS into your operations can help reduce this average cost per hire by equipping you with all the tools to manage the end-to-end recruitment journey as efficiently and easily as possible.

Recruitment intelligence

By drilling into your technology’s recruitment analytics, you can see which channels delivered the best quality candidates to inform future talent drives.

Hiring remote or global teams

With remote teams now becoming much more common, the ability to source talent across multiple jurisdictions is imperative. Expedo Hire’s global job board capabilities allow you to use a recruiter or hire directly, supporting all your recruitment activities to meet in-country legal requirements and hire overseas employees in your business.

You can give all your recruiting parties access to Expedo and have them co-exist in the one environment – which is pretty unique in the ATS tech space.

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