Expedo Hire

Hire top talent faster, smarter

Applicant tracking software (ATS) that streamlines your recruitment pipeline from hiring to onboarding

Job board integration, easy candidate management

Send job ads to multiple job boards with one click and feed candidates directly into your ATS. Automated selection criteria templates can pull position descriptions directly from your HR database, providing the perfect base start to creating job advertisements that attract.

Turn talent puddles into talent pools

Filter top candidates into your talent ecosystem and streamline your recruiting timeline. Clever parsing technology extracts key information and selection criteria from applications as they come in to create instant candidate profiles and talent pools for fast review.

Simplify the prospective employee lifecycle

Track candidates as they progress through shortlisting, interview rounds, final selections and reference checks, moving them from stage to stage and keeping your hiring teams informed with status alerts along the way.

Consider the candidate experience

Automated communications keep applicants informed as they move through the recruitment stages. When an offer is ready to be made, let your new starter hit the ground running with compliant onboarding direct from the Expedo platform and accessible from any device.

Empower your hiring teams

Push centralised candidate data to stakeholders at every stage, with allocated custom permissions defining tasks or actions they need to complete. Team members can share feedback on candidates in-app instantly, while salary benchmarking allows you to be competitive.

Find talent faster, smarter

Keep leading candidate applications in talent pools to re-engage for new opportunities. Drill into your recruitment analytics to see which channels are delivering the best-quality candidates, informing your future talent drives and minimising costs.

Great onboarding is more than just signing a contract