Expedo Time-to-bill

Timesheets & billing for dynamic workforces

Power up your placements with automated tech that adapts to unique staffing models and allows recruitment agencies to scale up with compliance

Set and forget

A flexible assignment architecture sets pay conditions, approval workflows, charge rates and assignment durations and automatically calculates shift wages, allowances, overtime plus oncosts.

Online timesheets

Issue hourly, per-day and multi-job options to record time worked, breaks and expenses for easy client approval. Trigger reminders and access full status visibility of timesheet submissions and approvals.

Automate the heavy lifting

Approved timesheets are integrated seamlessly into your payroll, with the ability to also issue RCTIs and remittance advice for independent contractors. Expedo’s powerful billing engine can invoice multiple clients in a single batch and automatically attach timesheet approvals with full audit trails.

Performance in one dashboard

Consolidate key metrics, notifications, timesheets, approvals, compliance alerts and forecasts in one powerful dashboard. Track revenue, gross margins and calculate consultant commissions in real-time with live data reports visualising performance and profit.

Empower your workers to be mobile

Workers can manage their timesheets, access payslips and record expenses on the go, from any device. Send reminders and alerts with push notifications to reduce admin and speed up approvals.

Fast onboarding

Facilitate fast deployment of your placements with Expedo onboarding initiated direct from applicant tracking systems like JobAdder or Bullhorn and data sent straight to payroll.

Connect your front-to-back office with full visibility


Deliver a seamless, paperless and centralised onboarding experience with workflows underpinned by compliance.


Take the complexity out of your payroll, regardless of workforce size or jurisdiction you operate in.


Bring your people and payroll data together for one rich BI experience.