Our Mission

Make workforce management easy, efficient and compliant — no matter where you’re based

Expedo is designed by HR experts who know first-hand the game-changing potential of a single integrated system. Our software seamlessly syncs essential HR functions, from recruitment through to onboarding, payroll and offboarding.

Our customers rely on us for a single source of truth. Intelligent reporting gives HR professionals and managers business-driving insights while automating tasks and delivering a library of frameworks, processes, policies and contracts.

About us - Culture & People
People and culture

We’re not just about providing great software

The office should be an environment where people thrive and innovate. That happens when people feel supported and valued for their ideas and identity. That’s why we’ve created a workspace that puts innovation and diversity first, encouraging everyone to flourish.

Our History







Staffing Streamlined

Expedo began as an operations system back in 2016 to streamline the processing of worker timesheets and the invoicing of clients for a key partner. The aim was simple – cut down manual data entry and build efficiencies for the business to allow for growth and expansion.


Let’s go paperless!

A key part of speeding up the management of a workforce is the ability to onboard faster. Introducing our second aim – to eliminate paper forms from the process. At the same time, we dramatically improved security of personal data and made it easier for workers to onboard in more places.


Compliance is the key

We were providing a way to onboard, but employers were still able to use their old, typically non-compliant contracts when doing so. We were solving only one part of the problem, and from a payroll perspective, it wasn’t solving a problem at all. Expedo therefore partnered with leading law firms to get to the crux of the problem – the employment framework.


The employment framework

Working with our partnering law firms we started to break down the key parts of a typical employment contract, and whilst doing so identified the components that are mandatory. With this knowledge we built an engine to support the ability to use a compliant framework with the right mix of customisation so that employers can engage compliantly but still cater aspects to suit their needs.


The full worker lifecycle

Not only did we need to address compliance when onboarding, we needed to look at best practice fundamentals across the entire worker journey. Expedo grew its scope to cover everything from a worker’s initial touchpoint as a job applicant all the way through to offboarding, ensuring that compliance and best practise remained a constant theme from end-to-end.

Taking it to the world

What started in Australia quickly expanded into a global product. As our clients expanded and explored new and exciting opportunities in different countries, we went along for the journey. We now proudly operate in 6 countries and are progressively growing into more regions.

Our Leadership

Craig Tognolini

Chief Executive Officer

Sean Donnelly

Chief Technology Officer

Steve Forster

General Counsel

Jon Viner

Head of Design

Tim Stapleton

Head of Product and Technology

Jessica Nakahara

Principal Product Manager