The Client

Queensland-based recruitment agency specialized in sourcing and placing quality candidates within industrial and construction industries.

The Challenge

YourTrades pre-existing technology limited them from moving at speed required for today’s fast-paced contingent workforce.

YourTrades was looking to take a significant leap forward in its business operations. They had been operating on outdated technology that wasn’t allowing them the needed speed. With the adoption of Expedo, they began performing more efficiently than ever before.

The Solution

JobAdder Integration

Once a new contractor is sourced, a seamless integration carries stored data in JobAdder into Expedo for onboarding, removing double-data entry.

Timesheets simplified

Via the Expedo app, contractors easily submit timesheets and add expenses no matter their location. This triggers an alert for swift management approval.

Single-batch payroll

Expedo enabled YourTrades to process payroll in a single batch. No more manual time-consuming and repetitive admin procedures.

Eliminating multi-batch payroll

Your Trades’ payroll processing was previously time-consuming and required repetitive steps. Now, their payroll can be processed in a single batch.

Efficient billing & reporting

Approved timesheets are automatically attached to bulk invoices for efficient billing. Margin reporting allows candidate earnings to be divided between multiple consultants.


  • 20% reduction in monthly
  • 15hrs saved per week on admin
  • Heightened worker engagement

A scalable model that supports continued growth

Recruiters need the right time-to-bill tools to thrive in today’s fast-moving business landscape. Your Trades have implemented a more efficient model of work, one that provides them with true visibility across their operations and considers the end-to-end journey for both candidate and client. With workforce compliance, onboarding and time-to-bill taken care of, Your Trades now look forward to scaling up and serving their clients more effectively.

Expedo’s onboarding intelligence lies within the multiple engagement types it offers. When you engage right, you payroll right. It brings a whole new level of integrity to contingent workforce operations.

Tim Stapleton

Head of Product, Expedo


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