Expedo Take on IR35 at UK Payroll Summit

March 12, 2020

News Release

Expedo will be delivering a much-needed solution for the United Kingdom (UK)’s incoming IR35 legislation, set to severely impact contractors and employers from April.

Launching onto the international market this year by the EPG Group, Expedo has been named as the official sponsor for the Global Payroll Association UK Summit in London. The one-day conference will address all the challenges facing employers from 2020 onwards and will be led by payroll management, tax and HR experts in their field.

IR35 changes puts the onus on medium and large employers to assess whether their contractors are within IR35 and, where required, ensure payments to contractors are subject to appropriate charges and deductions.

Expedo will be represented by the tech’s parent company EPG Group’s Chief Operations Officer (EMEA) Jason Cordery and Head of Sales (EMEA) Dwain Watkins. Both understand the payroll and staffing complexities that come with employment compliance and agree that employers need a modular solution flexible enough to integrate with existing infrastructure and systems.

There was no affordable technology that could solve the global compliance riddle, scale with business growth and be easily deployed. Until now.

Craig Tognolini

Chief Executive Officer, Expedo

“IR35 has been heavily discussed in the UK with the hope from some that the Government would change or rescind the policy,” says Cordery. “Given the large amount of tax revenue at stake that was never a likely outcome. Now, employers who engage workers operating via personal service companies need to ensure they are compliant with a sustainable solution.”

The summit will also be an opportunity for Expedo to position itself as a disruptor in workforce management technology and challenging the affordability, scalability and capability of larger-known competitors.

Expedo’s Chief Executive Officer Craig Tognolini says Expedo’s multi-jurisdictional capabilities, global insights and intelligent advisory is set to shake up the HCM tech space and bring true transparency and compliance to HR, payroll and workforce management.

“There was no affordable technology that could solve the global compliance riddle, scale with business growth and be easily deployed,” says Tognolini. “Until now.”


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